ESP32 - Powersaving, is it possible?


I’m a bit confused and wanted to clarify if powersaving features are possible at all with ESP32?
I have premium FOTA, BLE and SFW enabled VM. DOIT ESP32 module.
I tried command:
and it returns Unsupported error. Could it be that you can’t make ESP32 go to sleep?


hi @Edgars_Rozentals
Looking at the documentation of the Power Management module, It says that the code would raise “UnsupportedError” if the power management feature is not supported for that micro-controller.
Unfortunately, the ESP32 based-boards are not yet supported for that feature.

Thanks, @karimhamdy1

Yes I was reading that part too and hoped that at least very basic sleep function would be available.
Ok this means that no battery powered, low energy projects are possible on ESP32 right now. I thought this should be one of the primary features for almost any IoT project.
Will look into other supported board alternatives, but I hope Zerytnth will add this feature to the awesome ESP32 boards too.

You are right, Power management is quiet vital for a lot of applications on the ESP32.
It is on our pipeline and planned for but I cannot give an exact date for the feature.:smile: