Esp32 power management



How can i get power management to work on the esp32 devKitC?
I virtualized with premium, but no matter what i get the UnsupportedError in the console.
My project needs to run on batteries, so pm is required.

The docs refers to a “Pro” account is necessary, but i cant find any references to what it is and how to be a Pro

seudo code:

import pwr



Looking at the documentation of the Power Management module, It says that the code would raise “UnsupportedError” if the power management feature is not supported for that micro-controller.
Only four micro-controllers/Architectures are featured on the docs of that module so i think ESP32 based-boards are not yet supported for that feature.

In your case, you could use Esp8266 based board instead of the ESP32 and use the power management feature since it’s mentioned on the documentation that it’s supported.
If you need that feature supported in your project for the ESP32, you can contact the sales team and have that feature supported for you.


Thanks, so the “UnsupportedError” is not license related but simply because it it not implemented for the ESP32 board.
Can anyone from Zerynth comment on if and when this feature will be available?
Or maybe point me i a direction on how to implement it myself



Hi @thassman,

as @karimhamdy1 was correctly saying, power management in not implemented on ESP32-based boards at the moment: at the end of the doc page all architectures for which it is supported are reported (thank you for signalling the Pro user misprint which we will take care of removing).

Moreover Premium Virtual Machines supporting power management, report the Power Saving feature in the list of features displayed when selecting the virtual machine to create.

Unfortunately it is not possible for you to develop this feature, but we provide custom development services at low cost fee. If you are interested in this service, please let me know and our sales team will contact you ASAP :slight_smile: