ESP32 - Mqtt Connecting with error



I generate a code that connect to Mosquitto Broker. When a try to connect, the device raise an error:

[UnsupportedError @[000C:0005:0085:0213:0084:0025:0000:00F8].
[UnsupportedError at line 62 of main]
[raised at line 393 of mqtt.mqtt.connect]
[raised at line 454 of mqtt.mqtt._connect]
[raised at line 796 of builtins.len]

I tried using the “” and a local Broker.
I just used the example code from Mosquitto Org and I changed the “SSID” and “PSWD” to use my network.



Could you please post the code you used here?


I discovered now how what was my problem.
I forgot to put a “Cliente ID” on MQTT client.
Thank you so much