ESP32 doesn't work when it's not connected to PC

Hi Zerynth support team!

I’m very struggling with a problem on my esp32 project.(I use my custom board with esp32 wroom module)
ESP32 sends the data to the server using wifi. It uses http request to send the data and everything works correctly. I checked on the serial monitor that all features were working properly. I checked it on the server database, too.
However, when I disconnected the board from the pc with zerynth installed and powered the board using 5V power adapter(3A), the board doesn’t seem to work. No data is sent to the server.
When I connected the board to the pc that doesn’t have Zerynth installed, the board doesn’t also work.
If I connect the board to a pc with zerynth installed, the board works well even if I don’t start the zerynth ide.
Very weird! How can I explain this???
For reference, the ESP32 has a FOTA enabled FW secured VM installed. And I used the wifi and mqtt and http request in the firmware. Also, the flash is being used. There is no communication with pc except for print()
The board should operate work pc in the real environment. We just supply 5V to the board.
Could you tell me what the hell went wrong? How can I solve this problem?
I will answer any of your questions.

Thanks in advance.

I connected to a LED to a GPIO pin on my esp32 custom board and run a simple LED blinking code.
As I explained in the previous post, it worked only when the board is connected to the pc with Zerynth installed. I tired the same code on my ESP32 DevKitC. It works both when the kit is connected to the pc and when it is connected to 5V adapter.
This is a very incomprehensible case. How can I explain this case?
I really hope you give me a professional solution for this issue.