ESP32 DevKitC by AzDelivery Registration problem

Hi, I’m a student of Unisa. I’m trying to register an AzDelivery ESP32 DevKitC on Zerynth. It seems that the device is visible to the framework, but during the registration phase I get these messages:

[info] Starting device registration

[info] Burning bootloader…

[info] Burning bin

[error] Can’t burn bootloader! --> Can’t convert ‘NoneType’ object to str implicitly

I have no idea which kind of problem it could be

It seems there is a problem with the device drivers, Are you sure you have appropraite device drivers?
Can you open the device terminal in a serial communication tool like putty?

Ho, I was able to sort out the problem. As you say, it was a driver’s problem. Thank you for replying.