Esp32 DevKitC and DHT11 Sensor

Anybody knows how to use DHT11 Sensor for temperature and humidity measurements with the Esp32 DevKitC board in Zerynth?

Hi @krikko
Unfortunately, the DHT11 is not officially supported by Zerynth yet.
If you want, you can port an existing library to Zerynth and use it in your project.
If you need more support in developing the driver, let me know :smiley:

The only codes I found online are written for Arduino or in Micropyhton. Can I use one of these by importing them in Zerynth? If yes, how can I?

You can not import them as-is, becuase of the difference in the arduino boards.
you need to modify them, replace the arduino references/functions with Zerynth functions, basically using their algorithm but with Zerynth functionalities.
But I imagine this is not an easy task, since the sensor uses 1-wire protocol I think.