ESP32 Device Detected on Another Zerythn Studio PC


I have registered and virtualized an ESP32 custom board which runs and the code works well. I installed the zerynth studio on another linux pc and when I connect the device via usb, it is not detected as the same device and shows something else and I have to virtualize it in order to connect. I am working on a product which utilizes the zerynth license and would like to have the end user to be able to modify and develop with the existing virtualization and code on the device. Is it possible to have the device connected to any other PC with zerynth studio and have it detected as what it registered and virtualized with initially? If so, how is this done. using Device Manager?


hi @bigmc777
When you register and make a Virtual Machine for a device, the account holds this VM, so your customer should access your Zerynth account and when he connects the device, Zerynth studio will download the VM and use it without the need for new registeration and virtualization.

Zerynth Device Manager is a device manager for provisioning, monitoring and controlling devices at scale, It can also manage and visualize the data coming from the device and can Issue FOTA updates at scale, securely.

What kind of product are you developing? maybe I can help. :thinking:

Hello, ok thks for your response. Is it possible to provide a method for the end user to download my vm for the product I am selling without having full access to my zerynth account? I may sell a lot of these and do not want hundreds or thousands of developers accessing my account. I guess another method is for the end user to create a zerynth account, re-register and virtualize the device and then I can provide the code to them. I wanted to make use of the zerynth license so that the end user can use it. I know you give free licenses when creating a new account and this is something I need to know prior to launching our product. It is an IoT Remote Network Device for monitoring and control of network connections.


Hi @bigmc777
Great, Zerynth will soon release a new Zerynth IoT Module and a new development kit, that will be powerful, secure and have footprint of ESP32.
With the new Zerynth Hardware, the users will not need to register or use VMs, so I think it will solve your problem.
If you are interested, Please send us an E-mail on