ESP32 Command Line Compiler fails with name not found error .... but Studio is OK


I have been working for a while using a Pycom WiPy ESP32 board.
I am working on a design which compiles and uploads [and even works … sometimes !!] when using Studio.

However if I try to compile using the command line tools I get the following error …

“Can’t find name [D33] in [/Volumes/DATA/Work/Zerynth/] at line 61”

I am indeed using pin D33, infact I am using most of the pins so not using D33 would not be an option.

Of course the reason I am back to the command line is that In order to test this application I have to move the boards to a more remote location and so I really want to use FOTA via AWS.
[I tested this when the application was young and before I added the hardware connections to D33 and other pins]