Esp32 but problem with CPU frequency

Hi, when i try to register my ESP32 device i’ve a problem “Can’t find chipid”.

When open console I see this message:
“frequency rated for 160 mhz. Modify CPU frequency in menuconfig.”
Repeat more and more times.

If I try to upload a simple sketch with Arduino IDE all works correctly.

Can you help me?


Hi @Guido_Naturani, can you try to fully erase esp32 memory before trying to register it? You can do it from Zerynth Studio:

Click on:

the “i” button

the “erase flash” button

after that, try to register it again and let me know, thanks!


Thanks for reply.

I’ve already try to “Erase Flash”…
but the problem is the same.

After erase i see in console log something like constantly “reboot”…
After uplink new code return problem with CPU frequency.



as I wrote here

I got the same chip_id issue.

Maybe Zerynth Studio should update the embedded ?