Esp32 bluetooth

Hi i read in the forum that the esp32 bluetooth integration is not yet available in zerynth (according to a question in the forum from summer this year).
Has this already been implemented by now?

If not in the post it was said that it is still possible to implement bluetooth by using the native ESP32 SDK using the ability to run C code next to the virtual machine. Is there any guideline or tutorial on how to get started with that?

I got an answer to my message per email from the support team, just wanted to share the reply, in case some else has a similar questions:

To bluetooth on ESP32:
“Support for BLE on ESP32 is in our pipeline and we estimate to release the feature in the Q1 2019.

Implementing native c libraries from the ESP 32 SDK:
"…concerns the ESP32 you can use any SDK functionality which is already compiled with the VM.
You can check if a function has been compiled opening a .vm file under zerynth2/vms/ and serching for its name.

Moreover you can clearly understand that if a higher level functionality has not been made available, the lower level SDK functions might probably not have been compiled with the VM, so that you cannot add unimplemented functionalities (e.g., BLE) arbitrarily…"

Hi @sebastian,

the ESP32 BLE functionality is going to be released even sooner, stay tuned!