Error while creating vm in ESP32 DevKitC


I have downloaded Zerynth Studio, then I connected a esp32 devkitc with usb cable, registered it and tried to virtualize it, but i see an error like this

[fatal] Error while creating vm: vm limit reached

</span>I tried to do all the process one more time, but i get the same error.<br>Could you help me with this?


Hi Fresh Flash,

we discover a bug related to this issue; we will fix ASAP.


Please try it again now and let us know if it works. 


No, as for me, the problem still exists.
But now I have problems with rolling updates of zerynth studio, so I can’t update it anyway.
I get errors like this when trying to update

``[error] Error while downloading lib.googlecloud.iot
It downloads and installs some libraries correctly, but then stucks at some ones.


Hi Fresh Flash,

Thanks for reporting us your issue, we’re working to fix it.
Please be patient and sorry for this bad functioning :slight_smile:


Hi Fresh Flash.

All Fixed!!! :slight_smile:
You can try to install again the patch by clicking the “rolling updates” button and let us know if now it works


Actually, the problem is solved in a half.
Now I can install rolling updates, but problem with vm limits still exists.
I am using Zerynth for Linux, maybe it would help you

UPD: I tried to do it on Windows, but I also have the same problem with vm limits


Hi Fresh Flash,

sorry for the inconvenient, now all works properly!
Thanks for your patience and happy coding :slight_smile: