Error while creating the Virtual Machine

Hello, i’m trying to virtualize an ESP8266 nodemcu board , but after registering the board, when i try to create the virtual machine , i receive the following error:" An internet connection error occured. Please check your connection and try again."
I specify that the computer is correctly connected to the internet and I have no connection problems .

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Hi @Leonardo
are there any firewalls or antivirus software that prevents the connection to zerynth servers?
As a test, can you log out and log in zerynth studio, open the profile to check if you can communicate successfuly?

Hello, i tried to log out and open my profile from Zerynth Studio, but i receive this error:
‘[fatal] Can’t get profile internal server error.
Error while loading profile! 2’
I guess that i can’t communicate with the Zerynth server, what should i do?