Error virtualizing Arduino 2 on Zerynth r2.0.4

i think the problem is related to the my path(having spaces).
I tried something like this“set varx”,fname)
            res,out,err= proc.runcmd(“bossac”,"-U", “false” ,"-e" ,"-w","%varx%","-R", “–boot=1” ,"-p" ,self.port,outfn=outfn)

but i got an error, since the file is not found

confirmed, i changed account and so i was able to viperized arduino.
Anyway, another problem

Hello @“Luca Remi” 
 and thanks for the report! The path with spaces is an issue we are fixing and will be released very soon in r2.0.5

As for the second issue, have you virtualized the Arduino? The output I see (“Got Header: …”) comes from a registered Arduino not yet flashed with a VM. Indeed, the first time a new board is plugged it must be registered first, then a VM must be created (press the “Z” button again) and the created VM must be flashed on the board (press the “Z” button the last time).

Let us know!