Error using Broadcom drivers with ESP32 WROOM


Hello gurus,

I am trying to use the Examples project Wifi_Scan. It tells me to use either the Texas driver, or the Broadcom driver. Since the Texas driver does nothing, I decided to try the Broadcom drivers. When I take them into use in the code, I get this set of errors:

[error] The following @cnatives are missing:

[error] bcm_recv_into
[error] bcm_listen
[error] bcm_send
[error] bcm_accept
[error] bcm_sendto
[error] bcm_set_link_info
[error] bcm_recvfrom_into
[error] bcm_resolve
[error] bcm_wifi_is_linked
[error] bcm_setsockopt
[error] bcm_bind
[error] bcm_set_antenna
[error] bcm_send_all
[error] bcm_init
[error] bcm_close
[error] bcm_wifi_link
[error] bcm_last_error
[error] bcm_socket
[error] bcm_wifi_unlink
[error] bcm_scan
[error] bcm_rssi
[error] bcm_select
[error] bcm_link_info
[error] bcm_connect
[error] Error in C natives [some C natives are not defined!!] in [] at line 0

I wonder if there is something real simple I am doing wriong here? Many thanks for your help!


Hi @Heikki_Hietala,

to correctly run the Wifi Scan project a wifi driver must be selected according to your board: these two are reported as an example, not valid in your case since the ESP32 does not mount a cc3000 nor a bcm43362 wifi chip.

In your case you should use:

from espressif.esp32net import esp32wifi as wifi_driver

Let me know :slight_smile:


Thanks, it helped a little - I don’t get the same error now, but I do not get access to WLAN. I’ll post the error message after I get past the flashing issue in my other post.


Heyy :slight_smile: It was fixed by first using the device via Arduino IDE, then re-registering and virtualizing it. Now I get network access.

Thank you very much! This appears to be one of the newbie-friendly sites, I appreciate that a lot!