Error: No active layout found & No answer to probe (by NXP)

Hi all,

I am new to Hexiwear and Zerynth. I followed the instruction

And it seems that I can virtualize the device. However,following error occurs.
[info] Linking…
[info] ########## STEP 4 - generate binary
[info] Resource table at 2240 0x8c0
[info] Saving to C:\Users…\zerynth2\tmp\zstudio.vbo
[info] Compilation Ok
[info] Searching for device 879c58f6a45530ee3e815839daa2d1ca85e35aa4 with alias zs:hexiwear:879c58f6a45530ee3e815839daa2d1ca85e35aa4
[info] Please reset the device!
[info] Searching for device 879c58f6a45530ee3e815839daa2d1ca85e35aa4 again
[info] Checking layout…
[info] No active layout found
[info] Probe sent
[error] No answer to probe

I pressed the reset button then the device blink RED for a few seconds then nothing.
Any ideas on that and how can I fix that coz seems the device is displaying nothing at all.

Thank you so much!


Hi @ice_hevean
Sorry for the late reply,
Could you please re-create the VM and virtualize it again?
Could you also tell me which version of Zerynth are you currently running?