Error in ztc cmd


Please can anyone help me to solve this problem


Hi @skawale21,

can you try to run


before running the ztc?
Let me know :slight_smile:


thanks LorenzoR…It’s working now…do I have to set this command every time?


Hi @skawale21,

which version of Windows are you using?
It has never happened before, but it seems that installer and toolchain have taken two different home paths.


thanks LorenzoR for your reply…I m using windows 10 Pro and I need to set path every time when I start command prompt.


You can also add the env variable to win 10:

  1. Use the windows search to find “Edit the System Enviroment Variables” or find “System Properties”" from the control panel;

  2. Click on “Enviroment Variables” on the advanced tab;

  3. Create a new variable (User or System, it depends if you need it just for your account or not) with variable name = ZERYNTH_HOME and Variable Value = C:\Users\ROGER

  4. Close and reopen every terminal you have already started.

This way you don’t have to run the command everytime you need to use ztc.