Email with Python and Nucleo


We want to send an email from Nucleo. We found a module in Python called smtplib that allow to do this. In Zerynth this is not possible because the framework don’t have this module. There’s another way to send email from nucleo?


Hi @“Antonio Maresca” ,

Sending email from a microcontroller is possible but very onerous in terms of coding.

I suggest to implement your firmware without the “sending email” feature and leave this functionality to a Python script hosted in a cloud that will be contacted by your device.
Here you can find a Python example for sending email and here an host service that permits to run Python scripts.

We develop a similar solution with the “LoRaWAN” protocol; here you can find our demo with a step-by-step description.

Let me know if this can help or if you need more advices