Edit pin map of ESP32 DevKitC

Is it possibile to edit pin map of my ESP32 DevKitC? I tried to create a custom VM, and if I change only the pin map (in particular the MISO pin of SPI0) I noticed that onPinRise/Fall and PWM don’t work on the pins used with the original VM

hi @ViRiccio
Could you tell me which pins do not work with onPinRise/Fall and PWM on DevKitC?

In my case D22(for onPinRise/Fall) and D15(for PWM). However, they work with the same code if I use the original VM

I tested the interrupt on D22 on the DevkitC and It works fine.
Are you having issues with the interrupt using the offical example?

It works fine if I don’t try to remap pins with a custom VM. Maybe I did something wrong when I created the custom VM, but I followed Zerynth’s guide

Custom VMs are targeted towards ESP32 based boards that are unsupported by zerynth officially in the supported devices list.
since DevKitC is officially supported then it will be much more stable and tested thoroghly than the created custom VM.

I suggest you use the official VM of the DevKitC.