DS18B20 OneWire reading in C language


Hello, I am a new user Zerynth studio. Congratulation, the project looks very good. I do not see the library for OneWire support. Is it possible write program to DS18B20 sensor program in C language and then use this the script in Zerynth studio?


Hi @koval,

thank you for appreciating our environment.
Yes, of course you can, try to take a look at our C language interface.

Are you going to adapt an existing C library?


Yes i will try write in the near future something in C language on the Zerynth platform. Now I learning a basic functions in python on this platform. I have a problem with load this “from espressif.esp8266 wifi import esp8266wifi as wifi driver”. I have got error : “Error in C natives [—] in [/home/daniel/.zerynth2/dist/r2.1.2/stdlib/csrc/jsmn/jsmn.c] at line 0” Somewhere I read that the esp8266 has problem with load this library on the some linux distributions. Is it possible to do something with that? Probably it is a problem with compile, but I don’t now how I can solution this.


Are you using the latest update of Zerynth IDE? Because in the latest update, there has been some modifications in the compiler for esp8266.


I installed latest update and wifi in ESP8266 work great! Thx Zerynth.