DS18B20 from Maxim


I would like to make a request for the DS18B20 temperature sensor to be included in a future update.
I understand there is currently a bridge that allows the temperature sensors to be included but this does not provide the level of functionality that connecting sensors directly affords, it also adds significant cost to the project (I can buy 5 waterproof sensors for £10 but a bridge is £22 on it’s own).

There are mature libraries already available for the Arduino that I’ve used extensively which make these sensors very cheap, reliable, accurate and very easy to integrate into an Arduino project; I would like to use an ESP32 with wifi (or any 32 bit board really) to further extend project abilities.

I’ve never seen the value in using these sensors in parasitic mode, just for info.



+1 for native OneWire support!

I can find the DS2482-100 for $2, but then there is the breakout board for prototyping, headers, available space, etc.


Same thing here! No on uses such bridges. Any other esp32 firmwares have support for DS18B20. Zerynth?


I am afraid the driver of the DS18B20 without the bridge is not supported yet by Zerynth.
It’s on our plan but there is no confirmation date yet.