Device to Device Serial UART using Pins

I’m trying to have a RaspberryPi communicate (transfer data variables) with my ESP32 DevKitC using GPIO pins for Serial RX TX connections on each device. The Zerynth Studio examples should include a simple program which includes code for specifying the pins. I do find documentation which indicates putting the RX or TX with a pin (D16.RX, for example) but I don’t understand how that is to used in the Serial code. THANKS!

hi @jimbrodle
When you connect the device, click on ’ Device pinmap’
You’ll find pins of each peripheral in the device.

so the example uses Serial0 (default), you just have to look at the pinmap and connect the correct pins accordingly.

Thank you. I thought the pinmap was just that, a picture which didn’t include the RX TX, and I hadn’t noticed the io/peripherals select button, which doesn’t show up on the pinmap pic under supported devices. Coincidentally, my wiring already selected those very same D16/D17 pins, but my code was specifying Serial1. Thanks again.

hi @jimbrodle,
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