Device names in BLE_Scanner example

Hi, all!

I’m playing with BLE Scanner example and everything is fine but I can’t understand how device names can be displayed in scan log?

Current output:

Detected packet from D0:03:4B:E5:25:D2 containing 02:01:1A:02:0A:0C:0A:FF:4C:00:10:05:01:14:A2:C1:2D packet is of type 0 while address is of type 0 remote device has RSSI -83

Could you please help me?

Hi @avfedorov
I think in the meantime, You cannot display the device name in the scan report.
According to the BLE docs, the callback method does not return a name for each report.

EVT_SCAN_REPORT , the callback is triggered at the end of a scan. Specific value is a tuple containing 5 elements (SCAN_TYPE, ADDR_TYPE, RSSI, PACKET, ADDR).

Got it.

But it is possible to return a BLE device name in scan report? I’m working on scale project and getting nearby devices names is essential.

printing the names is not straight-forward since the function _ble_get_scr() responsible for the scan report in the library doesn’t return a name.
Are you using the nRF52 dev kit or the ESP32 ?
and Let me check if the scan function in the SDK returns a name of the devices and if we can expose that function to the user.

Hi! I’m using ESP32 WROOM32 devkit (please check photo attached).

May be you can propose some workaround allowing to return names of scanned devices?