Device Configuration and Mass Programming is throwing error


Tried massprog as per the guidelines given in below link, end up with error(screenshot attached). Could up please help with this?

Thank you


Hello @Adu,

I suggest to use the latest ESP32 VM replacing, inside the massprog.yml file, patch: "base" with patch: "p02".
Let me know :slight_smile:


Hi Lorenzo,

I tried replacing patch: "base" with patch: "p02" now the previous error has gone! but new set of error is popping when i tried to uplink the code(Please find below screenshot). How to decode all these errors? there is no proper description for error, for each error i need to write back to you team.



I’m getting similar error when I run “ztc aws add-things” command.


Can some please help me?


Hello @Adu,

can you please attach a screenshot of the ztc aws add-things error? That one might be caused by a wrong configuration of the aws cli tool which has to be installed on your system in order to run ztc aws commands.

Concerning the other errors, are you able to perform a simple uplink without mass programming?


aws cli tool is installed in my system. I was able to run “ztc aws add-things” command earlier. Now getting error for all the ztc commands. How to repair the aws cli tool and ztc tools

I’m able to perform a simple uplink without mass programming


Hello @Adu,

can you please send screenshots of the errors you get?
Because the one attached to the mass programming failure really looks like something related to the downloaded Virtual Machine, and I am unable to understand how other ztc commands and aws one can fail in a similar way.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Here is the error screenshot. Apologies for delayed response.

I am completely stuck now, need your/team support to progress.

Thank you


Hello @Adu,

can you check the output format of your AWS CLI installation?
It should be JSON

Let me know :slight_smile: