DAC on ESP32 not working

Hello! I am trying to listen a voice message in a speaker connecting on the esp32 DAC GPIO25.

I have the voice message in a bytearray with digital numbers: [66,152,73,193,219,37,149,248,223,145,252,91,16,127,24…]

I connect positive cable to GPIO25 and negative to GRD

My code is the following:

import dac

my_dac = dac.DAC(D25.DAC)

# circular mode: continuously repeat the input buffer

May you help me please and guide me?Preformatted text

Hi @esali
Apologies for the late reply…
Could you tell me what kind of hardware and which version of Zerynth SDK are you using?
I would suggest upgrading to version 3.0.8 as versions < v3.x.x are only supported for bug fixes and not maintained.

Hi, thank you for the response.

I am using Zerynth Studio r2.6.4-base version. How can i upgrade to 3.0.8 version?


Follow this guide to download the latest version.

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