DAC interface in Flip&Click board

I have a question about using the DAC program that is provided by Zerynth. Here is the code given:

So I have an analog input from a waveform generator, connected to A1, (as shown in the code to be read by analogRead). I also have the output to on pin 8, to output a waveform (some sort of analog signal).

However, I kept getting this error:

Maybe I don’t understand where D8 is? Can you please help me which pins I should be connecting the output to?
I also looked at the pinmap but I don’t see the pin that supports DAC?

Thank you for your help

Hi @Manda28121
This board doesn’t have DAC peripheral.
Could you try implementing the same code with PWM, even on the same pin.
If needed, have a look at the PWM examples.

Let me know the updates.

It was successful to output it with PWM, like so :

But I need it to be in sine wave, so I am trying to have it output to PWM pins (which is D8) but performs the DAC code: but everytime i’m trying to import DAC, here is the error:

Unfortunately, The board you are using doesn’t have DAC peripheral.
The easiest solution is to use a different supported board that has a DAC peripheral.
If you have to use that board, look for a software implementation to output a sine wave using PWM.

That is weird, cause when I brought the board, it says it supports ADC and DAC. It works well with ADC…

Using the Flip&Click why not just buy a Click board for DAC, there are several available.

Loo here https://www.mikroe.com/click