DAC Channel Error

I am using a Sparkfun ESP32 board and trying to access and use the DAC channels on pins 25 and 26.

Using the DAC example code but changing the pin to D25 or D26 returns the following error at compilation:

Changing the pin to DAC0 allows it to compile and upload, but with this error while running:

Any help would be greatly appreciated as to how to get the DAC working on this ESP32 Board.


hi @Dylan_Exton
This is quiet strange, Please let us have a look at this bug and I’ll let you know the updates ASAP.

It also doesn’t appear to like using the second DAC pin at all. No matter what I use to reference it when calling dac.DAC() it gives the error shown in red above.

Hi @Dylan_Exton
We had a look at the issue you mentioned on Sparkfun ESP32, Unfortunately, There are some bugs in the implementation of the DAC on that board, We started working on this bug and We will be fixing this soon.

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@karimhamdy1 Do you have an ETA on this being fixed and released? Thanks :slight_smile: