Crash when running ESP32 SoftAP with r2.2.0


After updating to r2.2.0 I’m seeing an error when trying to run the examples (SoftAP and Hello_Zerynth) on the esp32. The program starts running, but after a while, the terminal suddenly reports “Lost Connection”. Watching the com port through another application I can see that there are a number of unprintable characters being written out before the device resets and restarts the program.

I’m developing on a windows 10 machine. The device was previously working with r2.1.2.


ESP32 DevKitC r2.2.0 FreeRTOS 8.2.0 (SMP) Premium BLE enabled, FOTA enabled, Secure Firmware BASE


Hello Joseph,

If you are running a Secure Firmware enabled VM on any Zerynth Supported Device, remember that watchdog is enabled by default and you need to kick the watchdog timer in your main loop otherwise the watchdog goes in timeout and the device reset itself - more info here for ESP32 devices.

Try to insert those line in your Python script:

# As first instruction on your script import the secure firmware module of the Zerynth Standard Library
import sfw
# Set the watchdog timeout for example to 60 seconds
sfw.watchdog(0, 60000)
    # Reset the watchdog timer in your main loop appropriately indented

Let me know if this can help you