core.viper.ide r0.3.6 and more...

Some new updates:

  • core.viper.ide r0.3.6: fixed some VPM issues, added a new tab to the VPM to list all available packages in a tree. Fixed a bug affecting library importing
  • New VMs: all  virtual machines are now version r0.3.2 with fixes for an exception handling bug. Particle Photon VM now has a non blocking serial USB (namely, it keeps printing to serial without hanging when the console is close)
  • lib.viper.bcm43362: updated the Photon wifi drivers, fixed the scan memory leak and other bugs affecting the stability of the connection. 
  • core.viper.stdlib r0.3.3: fixed some standard library modules, in particular the requests module.
  • core.viper.uplinker r0.3.2: fixed some bugs in the uplinking phase
  • vhal.viper.armcmx_atmelsam3x and vhal.viper.armcmx.stm32f2: fixed hardware abstraction layer bugs for arduino due, and added support for non blocking serial USB for the Photon.

After updating  every package now in the Virtual board I can’t see anymore my lovely Photon, even after connecting it I can’t see my board detected.

I get the usual message about board list updated but it’s actually empty!

After updataing, whilst I can see the Photon in the Board List and Viperize it (it seems to happen a bit quick but says OK enjoy), when I try to upload I get

[UPLOAD]: ooops, uploading failed with the following error: No answer to probe!.

I can restore original Partcle firmware OK and have confirmed it works.

Whilst it is not the same as Davide it may be in some way related and an issue that needs resolving.

After uninstalling and reinstalling Viper the boards are listed again.

mmm same problem of kenr:

I can’t flash my Viperized Photon with new code :frowning:

P.S. My photon is update with the latest 3.2 VM.

Mmm… Weird. I am pretty sure the culprit is the new non blocking serial usb, but I can’t reproduce the issue. 

Looking into it. 

Same happening to me on a fresh install (23/02/2016) and freshly viperized photon.

even happens with photon core & vm downgraded to r0.3.1