core.viper.ide r0.3.5 and core.viper.vpm r0.3.2

new IDE with a small fix for board detection and editor utf8 compatibility.

updated VPM with minor bugfix and functionalities for additional package repositories.

my core.viper.ide is r0.3.4. I have updateed all packages, but not result new update:

[VPM]: Official repository has been updated! Sync to get it…
[VPM]: Scanning package list…
[VPM]: Found 0 to update
[VPM]: Checking conflicts…
[VPM]: Updating all…
<br>Why ?<br><br><br>

I can confirm this. There is no update.

I get this:

But I already have those updates and if I update those package I always get that notification everytime I close and open Viper again.


If you click the first button, a dialog should appear and the last version should be visible and installable, can you confirm? In that case, I have to fix the update panel only :smile: 

looking into the issue…can you update a single package withut the update all feature?

Ok clicking on the “V” near the recyclebin insteand of the cloud (to update all at once) so updating each package individually it works!

also me. it works !

Perfect…writing a fix.