Console & REPL


HI all, couple of questions: 

Q1. Is there a way to dock the console within the main GUI?
Q2. Is it necessary to restart the console each time I uplink?
Q3. Is there a REPL



Hi robmarkcole,

A1. No, is not possible. we choose this way because the users can open and monitor more than one serial interface related to the devices connected in their machine (you can see your console list in the left panel of Zerynth Studio).
A2. Yes, every time you have to uplink a script in a device you have to close the serial monitor.
A3. REPL in embedded world is good for testing (and educational maybe) but it’s a waste of resources when you go into production; we have decided to not include it in our stack because our mission is to help and facilitate users to go from prototyping to production.

Hope this can help you.


Great thanks Matteo