Console fault . why am i getting this

Hi Nithin,

Probably require a little more information to help with this. However the ‘Lost Connection’ occurs if you unplug the connected device ‘NodeMcu’? So I can only deduce that the device has lost the ability to communicate at some point.

Do you have anything connected to the NodeMcu that may be using the same pins as the serial port used to communicate with your’e PC?

What causes this message to be displayed?

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Hi Nigeibrown, node mcu is connected and no other devices are connected to it.

nodemcu is connected but still it is showing Lost Connection

Hi @nithin,

I am unable to replicate your issue, it seems you are able to correctly uplink.
Does the board LED blinks at startup and then stops?

hi @LorenzoR,
uplink is done correctly and led blinks when i open the console and it stops when i close the console.

I have the same issue and i would like to know how you solve it