Connected Devices, How to remove


The IDE is showing 3 connected devices. Yet I dont have anything connected. I cannot find a way to remove or delete them.


This is very weird; which are the devices connected?
Which platform are you using?
Have you tried to restart the studio?


There are no devices connected. using ESP32 & yes i have restarted it and even re-installed it.
every time i start it these always show up.


Hi seulater,

in the previous comment, I didn’t understand you were talking about Things devices, I understood physical devices (those you can see on the Device Management Toolbar).

This is the Things view and shows all your virtual devices created in the Zerynth ADM.
You cannot delete them but you can always reuse them (even with different boards - a virtual device has no 1-to-1 correlation with the physical devices).

There is no limit on the number of things created.
Hope this can help you :slight_smile: