Connect to education network like "eduroam"

Is there any possibility to connect to a wireless network like eduroam, which is required the ssid, security (WPA2, enterprise), username, pass), using the usual

Hi @Marco_Branco,

this feature is not available yet, but it is going to be added soon for WiFi chips supporting WPA2 Enterprise mode (i.e., ESP32 WiFi, Broadcom BCM43362)

Stay tuned for updates :wink:

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Hi @LorenzoR, any updates on this topic. I kinda need it badly. I am using Zerynth as middleware for my thesis and I need to demo my work at the institute lab soon. Please let us know!! Thanks and regards.

Hi @Debasish_Mukherjee,

glad to hear that you chose Zerynth for your thesis.
Don’t you have any other option? (e.g., portable WiFi hotspot with a smartphone)

That would be a makeshift. Maybe possible, but we are looking to develop a robust solution and I am setting up the sensor level infrastructure. So, in the long run, it needs to connect to such networks. Anyway, I will inquire more about the options and post here. But if possible please get us some solution. As it is, zerynth is an awesome product, just a little more awesomeness needed! :slightly_smiling_face:

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