community.matrix866.sr04 r1.0.1

HC-SR04 range sensor library is available. It is the first community developed library: many thanks to @Davide  B)

I can’t re upload the library on Zerynth. Can you check and delete any trace of the old library? Maybe the error is because of this…

mmm…can you retry now?  I just cleaned the server package cache.

Can’t create package!

weird…can you try again? Please select a repo name that does not exist or did exist (like a deleted repo).
If it doesn’t work, I’ll fix it manually  :frowning:

I have sent you a link to a video so you can see what happens. After it happens to be able to open Zerynth again I need to manually KILL the windows process “git…”


indeed I can see the request for a new package correctly reach the server, be acknowledged, but with no confirmation from github.

Git should not hang like that, but a possible cause for it to freeze is the switch to interactive mode (git is waiting for user input…). This may happen when:

  • wrong git username given
  • wrong git password given
  • bad repo name given (name of a previously deleted repo, unsupported characters, etc…)
but from your video, everything seems ok.

A possible debug is to run Zerynth.exe from a console and check when and why git switches to interactive mode. However, the console shipped with windows closes up as soon as Zerynth.exe starts. I suggest ConEmu for windows debugging. If you can send me a debug trace of git hanging, it would be very helpful  :wink:

you have a pm

ok, I think I got it, there is a credential problem. I’ll pm you with a fix later this evening.

It seems to be working. There is no feedback on wrong username/password for the github authentication during the library publishing process and I was writing the wrong password.

And back in the repository  :slight_smile:

r0.2.0 is out :wink: