Can't Virtualize Particle Electron!

Hey everyone!

I’m trying to virtualize a Particle Electron and am having no luck whatsoever! I’ve installed all the necessary drivers multiple times and the Electron IS in DFU mode. Zerynth is telling me that the registration was successful and I can now virtualize my device! However, when I put it back in dfu mode and click the z icon, it tells me I need to register my device before I can virtualize it. This goes on and on. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Annotation 2020-07-16 134906|690x327

Hi, I have the same problem, I try using and old device os, downgrade the Zerynth app, but still not working the process of virtualization, I registered the device in DFU mode but when the electron reboot and put again in DFU mode the Z button ask me to register it again.


which version of Zerynth are you using? R2.6.0 should have fixed problems with DFU devices.