Can't start Zerynth

I’m using a laptop on Windows 10
All of sudden my Zerynth studio stopped working. When I try to open Zerynth studio it shows the first screen and then it crashes. It doesn’t appear on task manager.
Please, consider that I have already tried to uninstall and reinstall an old version of Zerynth.
Tried also to change Windows screen resolution.

Any advice?

Thank you

Ok, Let’s troubleshot this.
Have you updated the firewall/Antivirus or network settings lately?
Have you installed the latest version of Zerynth?

hello karimhamdy1 , thanks for the reply but I was unable to solve.
Version r2.4.2 worked until the auto update. I checked the settings and they seem updated, I also tried to disable the antivirus. Please could you tell me which particular settings I should change in your opinion?