Can't install virtual machine ('The parameter is incorrect') for ESP32S


When I try to install the virtual machine on my ESP32S, I get the following error:


Chip is ESP32D0WDQ6 (revision (unknown 0xa))

Uploading stub…

Running stub…

Stub running…

Changing baud rate to 1500000


Traceback (most recent call last):

File “C:\Users\me\zerynth2\sys\esptool\esp32\”, line 2405, in


File “C:\Users\me\zerynth2\sys\esptool\esp32\”, line 2398, in _main


File “C:\Users\me\zerynth2\sys\esptool\esp32\”, line 2137, in main


File “C:\Users\me\zerynth2\sys\esptool\esp32\”, line 61, in inner

return func(*args, **kwargs)

File “C:\Users\me\zerynth2\sys\esptool\esp32\”, line 538, in change_baud


File “C:\Users\me\zerynth2\sys\esptool\esp32\”, line 185, in _set_port_baudrate

self._port.baudrate = baud

File “C:\Users\me\zerynth2\sys\python\lib\site-packages\serial\”, line 345, in setBaudrate

if self._isOpen:  self._reconfigurePort()

File “C:\Users\me\zerynth2\sys\python\lib\site-packages\serial\”, line 202, in _reconfigurePort

raise ValueError("Cannot configure port, some setting was wrong. Original message: %r" % ctypes.WinError())

ValueError: Cannot configure port, some setting was wrong. Original message: OSError(22, ‘The parameter is incorrect.’, None, 87)


hi @Richard_Tarbell
I think there might be a problem with the serial driver for the ESP32S.
Are you sure the drivers are properly installed? Can you recognize it correctly in the device manager?
Have you also updated Zerynth studio to the latest update?


Greetings! So when I click the “Device Info” button, I DO get valid device info (Name NodeMCU ESP-32S,Flash: 16384, Signature 10C4:EA^…). I would think that this means the COM port, and my serial driver are okay.
For what it’s worth, I CAN program this exact same device in the Arduino IDE.
I can NOT register this device - I get the error reported above.


Hello @Richard_Tarbell,

take a look at this: Connect device by zerynth
And let me know


Success! The lower baudrate of 115,200 worked - thank you Lorenzo!