Cannot find where Zerynth is installed - lanches fine after install but hten it's nowhere to be found


Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, downloaded Zerynth 2, unpacked and and run the zerynth installer.

Everything fine, and Zerynth is launched but… Once I close it I cannot launch it anymore because no link/icon/anything is created!

If I relaunch the installer it asks if I want to REinstall, meaning it’s seeing the installation.
Problem is, I cannot find where the installation is! How to launch Zerynth? It’s not in the menu, I cant find it anywhere now I can launch it anyhow :-/

hi @ludovico.binda

The installer for Zerynth2 is also the launcher as it checks for updates and software updates.
After the first installation, the installer should launch the installed version without downloading again.
Can you uninstall and re-install again and let me know?
We also recommend to use Zerynth v3 SDK, as V2.x.x is only maintained for bug fixes for legacy users.

The behavior persists, both with Zerynth2 and Zerynth3.
The one for Z3 starts over with a clean sheet installation, the one for Z2 says if I want to reinstall but no mentions.

I think there are some problems with the linking generation.

Anyway, issue fixed thanks to this link from your doc:

BTW I’d be lovely if you’d distribute it with Linux a package manager and not an installer.