Can Zerynth Studio recognize two different boards?


I created and virtualized VM for my NodeMCU esp8266. And when I connected ModeMCU-ESP32, Zerynth Studio recognizes it as NodeMCU-ESP8266 and throws an error uploading or registering the device.
What is the solution to this? Or Zerynth studio can only adhere to only one board at a time?

NodeMCU ESP32 virtualize option not showing

Hi Spandaman,

Unfortunately, most of ESP8266 and ESP32 based devices have the same USB-to-Serial chip so it is impossible to auto-recognized them; for this reason, we inserted the Disambiguate/Forget feature that allows you to select manually the device you connected in case the Zerynth Studio chose wrong the device.

With the device connected to your machine, you have to click the ‘Info’ button on the top bar and click “Forget”; the device manager toolbar will blink yellow and then will ask you to select manually the device.

NOTE: this operation works only for not registered devices (this is not your case if I right understand).

Furthermore, if Zerynth Studio sees only one device but you have connected 2, this means that your 2 devices have the same VID, PID, and SID (Vendor, Product, and Serial ID) and you have to work with one at a time.

NOTE2: this will be solved with future updates.

Hope this can help you :slight_smile:


Thanks, Matteo.
It actually helps. I looked into the devices using ztc command line tools, and yeah, both have same vid, pid and sid. So I guess I have to do forget and create everytime I alter between 2-3 boards?


Yes for now yes.

But in future updates this UX will be simplified on a better way :wink:


Glad to hear that. For now, everything is sorted.
Thanks again.