Can’t find chipid

hello , i try to register the evulusion board esp32-wroom-32 and i get error:
Can’t find chipid
how can i fix this probelm

Hi @erocam
Usually, the chipId is handled by the VM during the registration and virtualization of the device.
Since the board you mentioned is not officially supported, Please have a look at this tutorial for creating custom Virtual Machine for the ESP-32 based boards.

That a very common board, so does it not make since to officially support it. Think about the thousands of user that will abandoned Zerynth when their favorite board don’t work. For me, my evaluation of Zeynth halted when I could not install the VM: just continue using micropython event though Zerynth better sync with my workflow.

Hi @Henderson_Hood
Zerynth continuously supports new Architectures and boards to support wider range of devices.
Could you tell me which board are you referring to? Could you give me the name or a link to the board?:smile: