C Standard Library and Builtins to use with Zerynth



Zerynth itself is very well documented, excellent, thanks. C language interface and its examples are also very clear. However, what is totally
available on the C and Assembly side is not yet clear to me. There is some explanations about the limitations but I couldn’t see yet  a guidance about the complete scope: is there any document to understand the available functions commands etc. on the C and Assy side?


I found this https://community.zerynth.com/discussion/comment/769/#Comment_769 as a valuable explanation with hints however I am still tuned to hear further comments.


Hi ta1db,

as you see in the discussion you posted, you can call every C functions declared in our vhal/vos structure (here you can find the Operative System Abstraction Layer, and here the Hardware Abstraction Layer).

You can also directly edit configuration registers or calling inline assembly knowing that these are very board dependent operations and possible cause of conflict with other VM functions.

Feel free to ask me other doubts about this
Hope this can help you :slight_smile:


It is quite clear now. Zerynth is a great ecosystem and what I was looking for. Thank you.