BT81X Library FT81X Support

I have a New Haven 4.3" Capacitive EVE2 (FT813Q) Display, and I am wondering will the BT81x library also drive this display? Since the FT8x and BT81x are similar I am hoping it’s possible.
Thank you,
Travis Carter

hi @TravisCarter
The BT81x is an upgrade for the FTxxx ICs so It is preferable to use the upgraded ICs,
The difference between FTxxx and BT81x chips in this link

There are some differences between them, The library would work if the manufacturer kept the same SPI instructions as-is in both FTxxx and BTxxx.
Unfortunately this needs to be tested.

Hello Karim,
Thank you very much for your reply and providing details regarding the similarities and differences between these chips. I see the Riverdi IoT modules that are set up to run Zerynth have the BT81X chips, but I wanted to test out the functionality without purchasing another screen if possible. I have some esp32 boards and this EVE2 display, so I was hoping to approximate the setup before purchasing a module.
Are you familiar with the library structure of Zerynth? Is it possible for me to look into the BT81X library, or make changes to get it to work for the older FT81X?
Travis Carter

Yes, sure.
The BT81x library location:

Hi Karim,
Without editing the BT81X library I was able to add a config file in the Riverdi Displays folder that had the timing for my display. The Zerynth widgets example ran successfully (with some simple scaling changes to get things to fit nicely), so that’s promising! Since my display is FT813, I imagine it works until I accidentally use a BT81X specific method. We’ll just have to see.
Thank you,
Travis Carter

That’s awesome, Glad that It works. :smile:

I am trying to display a sensor reading in the center of screen but am having trouble simply displaying text. I have not yet gotten to passing a variable into the display list. Are you familiar with the commands?
Travis Carter

I am not familiar with the commands but could it be similar to the display networks example?
Maybe switching the buttons with texts?