Bridging the gap between PLCs and IoT thanks to 4zerobox, an Industrial board powered by Zerynth


Introducing 4zerobox the Industrial Toolkit for IoT Solution Providers powered by Zerynth

We are excited to announce that TOI – Things On Internet, a Zerynth Authorized Partner specialized in Internet of Things applications, just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with 4zerobox: an easy-to-configure tool for the data acquisition and management in industrial environments, that solves the interfacing issues with PLCs and the connectivity to IoT Cloud services.


4zerobox is a Zerynth-powered industrial-grade solution that is fully programmable in Python via Zerynth Studio. 4zerobox will embed a Zerynth Virtual Machine license allowing users to program an unlimited number of 4zerobox units within the Zerynth Studio IDE, for free. Also, all the 4zerobox rewards include a 3-months (or 12-months) license for Zerynth Studio PRO, to even enjoy unique programmability features like Firmware OTA updates and Power Saving.

Become a Zerynth Authorized Partner!

If you have an interesting IoT solution and you wish to make it fully programmable with Zerynth, write us at Our team will perform a technical validation of the product, making sure it can be fully compatible with the Zerynth stack, and will label it as “Zerynth-powered”.