Bosch BNO055 Python Library


Hi @Matteo_Cipriani,
Thanks for your tip.
Yes, it seems to be caused by the firewall. I’m wondering what was the reason for my firewall block this communication, because before the update I could communicate between ESP32 and my PC without problems.
Anyway, I couldn’t open an exception in firewall, but its not a Zerynth problem.


Hi @Matteo_Cipriani,
I tryed again in version 2.0.11, without low the clock frequency, and it works fine.
I could send/receive the BNO055 data through ESP32 WiFi, over 80Hz, which is fine for my project, however my goal is 100Hz.

What is the reason to work fine in version 2.0.11 and not in the 2.1?
Hope this information helps you to solve this issue.


Hi @Marco_Branco,

unfortunately this issue seems to be related to an update of the Espressif Official SDK that the Zerynth VM relies on. An update that, as you can imagine, has been integrated from version 2.1.0 :roll_eyes: .
We’re working to fix it anyway.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: