BMP180 Example not working

I’m trying to read the BMP180 sensor using the Zerynth example, looks simple enough but when I run I get the following error:
42) boot: Starting vm 0

[Thread 1 exited with exception InvalidHardwareStatusError @[0155:005E:015E:000D:015F:000A:0160:000A]](javascript:window.except(’@[0155:005E:015E:000D:015F:000A:0160:000A]’,'Thread 1 exited with exception InvalidHardwareStatusError '))

and the ESP32 module just keeps rebooting

The link takes me to the calibration section of the library

Any ideas on how to fix this, please?

(HW working fine - tested with Arduino and everything as it should be)

Hi @pahart2208
Are you sure you connected the correct I2C pis as in the peripheral map of the device in Zerynth? they may be different from the pins in Arduino IDE.
Could you also try to re-register and re-virtualize the device and try the example again?
If the error persists Please let us test this module and we will keep you updated.
Could you tell me which ESP32 module are you using?

Hi Karim, thanks for the quick reply. Firstly, I had the wrong I2C. I’m using Heltec WiFi Kit 32 and pins D21 and D22. The example code calls I2C0 but on the pin out these pins are I2C2. So I changed the code and downloaded. Now I get a different (timeout) error.
I know the sensor and board are OK. Other stuff works - I’ve extended the Mini Web Server example to include ADC input on A0 and send to my browser, and that all works fine. So I’m kind of confident that I’m connected, virtualised, downloading code etc. ok.



[Thread 1 exited with exception TimeoutError @[0020:005E:0029:000D:002A:000A:002B:000A]](javascript:window.except(’@[0020:005E:0029:000D:002A:000A:002B:000A]’,'Thread 1 exited with exception TimeoutError '))

Hi Karim,
Quick update - I switched to I2C1 on pins 33 and 32, updated the code to call I2C1 and it’s working fine.
So, I’m moving forward, but it would still be worth looking into this. I think I2C0 is used for the built-in OLED display, so that would explain that, but not sure why I2C2 didn’t work.
BME280 example working fine too on I2C1.
Hope this post helps - I’ve seen another couple of posts asking about the same problem with BMP180/280.

Thanks @pahart2208 for reporting this, we will look into it.