BLE function on ESP32

Hi Zerynth Support team!

I’m trying to add BLE function to my project using ESP32.
The ble function I want to implement is very simple. The ESP32 just needs to broadcast the server ip (ex: to all peripheral devices periodically.
I already looked at some zerynth ble projects. However, I am not sure which sample is best to use for my application because I’m new to ble function.
What GATT service and what GATT characteristics should I use for my application? Or is it necessary to use beacon feature?
I was just thinking a GATT characteristic with the Read and Notify right will be needed for my purpose. But I was not sure what GATT service and characteristic should I use. (I meant that I have to use standard GATT service and characteristic or something else)
It may seem like a futile question to you, but I want to achieve my purpose as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance.

I’m still waiting for your help.

On top of my mind, I think beacons will be suitable, try the beacon example and broadcast the ip in the payload.

Okay, thanks for your help