Blank Zerynth Window

Tried twice to install Zerynth Studio with the same result. I’m using Win 8.1 if it matters. A blank window appears with nothing in it. I took a snap shot of the window that appears on pressing F12 that might shed some light on what is obviously not happenning. Looking for any suggestions and hopefully its not to give up using Windows 8.1


Hi @Denis_Lebel
Sorry for the late reply, These kind of errors refers to incorrect installation of Zerynth.
I need more info to better understand the error,
1- Do you open Zerynth from the installer or have you pinned the program itself?
2- Are you using native Windows 8.1 or a Virtual Machine?

Well I kind of gave up for now. Yes its Win8.1 not a VM environment. But my PC is running from an SSD drive and I’ve tried to install Zerynth to the D drive since the Win8.1 system is on a small C partition for easy recovery. I’ve had other programs fail for being installed on the D drive. I’m a traditional C programmer using older microcontrollers at this time. I was hoping to make the jump to MicroPython with a Pyboard but your software had got my attention. I’ve installed Zerynth with all the defaults proposed during the installation and also a second time specifying on the specific hardware I hope to program. Same results.