Beta 0.1.9

Dear VIPERs,
We are very proud to announce the new VIPER beta release (v 0.1.9)

This version includes the new Viper Hardware Abstraction Layer VHAL and the new IDE!
The new IDE has a completely redesigned graphics and layout and is also ready for the cloud!
Yes, the VIPER IDE will allow you to sync your projects with the VIPER cloud allowing you to develop from various computers without care about project syncing.
Moreover, the new release is now available as auto-install packages, you need just to download and click!

You will always find the latest packages here:

Linux: <a href="" title="Link:"></a>

On Windows you could have some “security alerts” during the installation process, please accept all the warnings and go ahead, we will fix all these minor issues in the final release.

Please download and install it! We need your feedback!
We did various changes to the IDE layout and user experience design so please let us know if you like it and please provide us with comment and feedback!
Moreover, please register as new user to the VIPER cloud, we are debugging the cloud back-end and we need your activity to improve our finalize our server side routines in order to guarantee you the best!


Here we go again!

Version 0.1.9 is ready, with a lot of IDE enhancements, bugfixes and Mac package!


First post updated with the new links.


A new shiny version is ready:
You can download the packages from here:

Mac will come soon, hopefully tomorrow.

You will find some IDE restyling, and pwm+icu support for ST NUCLEO.

we are working on a new release. please if you download this release don’t click update on the web editor. We will publish a new installer tomorrow.
please follow this thread for being notified on new releases

Very important! 
V 0.1.9 is also ready for the ST Nucleo F 401!

Let’s play with it and let us know!