AWS FOTA fails because of missing s3 role


Folowing these instructions:

I get stuck at:
ztc aws iot-fota-start thing_name new_firmware_slot_1.json s3://fota-aws-bucket s3-read-role

Error message: “Can’t find s3 role!”

How and where do I need to create this role? I think this is the latest step preventing me to succeed my FOTA implementation.

Already solved!

I created a Job manually, in the wizard you have the option the create the role automatically. This worked :slight_smile:

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I have to correct myself, I can start a FOTA job when creating a job in the Amazon AWS site, but not start from the CLI… still get the same error.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Hi @Marcel,

have you created a role with the name s3-read-role for AWS IoT?

can you show me the steps how to do this? You mean a role alias?


take a look at the Create Jobs section here, granting permissions subsection.

Let me know :slight_smile:



I followed the steps, created a IAM role “s3-read-role” with the new attached policy where I entered my S3 bucket. But still the same issue: “Can’t find s3 role!”

Hi @Marcel,

let’s make another try: can you run the aws iam list-roles command?
Does it output a JSON? Does the JSON contain the s3-read-role you created?

Hi LorenzoR,

I managed to get it working, it wasn’t working because I missed the policy to list-roles, and I also missed the policy to create a job.

Now it’s working, thanks.

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Hi @LorenzoR
Nice to meet you here.
I’m Anatoli Juny. I REALLY need your help.

I’m trying to implement FOTA for my board. It has ESP32 WROOM module.
I followed this tutorial.

Up to step 8, I succeeded. A job is created successfully.

But an error is occurred in the serial monitor and the fota is failed.

I’m not sure what should I do for this.
I REALLY need your help.
Looking forward to hear a good solution from you.
Thanks in advance.


Hi @Anatoli_Juny, please let’s keep the conversation in your own thread: Some errors in FOTA_aws exmaple