Arduino Due + Network

Can you give me advice about compatible with Zerynth platform Modules or Shields, which I can use in pair with Arduino Due (Ethernet or Wi-Fi)?

hi @baravovan
Most Wifi and ethernet sheilds communicate with the host board using AT Commands, serial UART protocol.
So you can easily communicate with any wifi shield through simple serial communication like this example
I think a board like this might do the job:

Or you can just use another esp8266 or esp32 dev board to use its Wifi functionality and communicate with the arduino through UART protocol.

Hi, @karimhamdy1
For such device (ESP8266) I must use the following library

If you are using the Esp8266 board as a standalone MCU then this library should enable you to access Wifi as you want.
If you want to use the shield then you would have to write the driver through Serial UART protocol.

By the way, ESP32 boards are much better and much easier for you to use.
They are fully supported in Zerynth (including Wifi) if you want to check them out too.

Thank you

Hi @baravovan,

one Arduino Due shield which should work out of the box is this one, which mounts a WINC1500 module we already support (you should anyway update the WINC Firmware to version 19.5.4 as reported in our documentation).

Hi, @LorenzoR.
Thank you for your answer. It is what I was looking for. Just one extra question. I got that Arduino has discontinued this shield and only replacement from Adafruit is available (
Would this one be compatible with Zerynth - based on ATWINC1500 module from Atmel too?